Digital Agent Enablement

Enable sales agents to become trusted advisors.

Digitize pre-sales engagement.
Streamline omni-channel workflows.
Boost sales conversions.
Pre-Sales Engagement

Turn leads into purchase-ready customers with self-served insights.

Nurture leads with Lydia’s WellAged app, which lets them turn personal data into personalized health insight and protection needs. This self-served digital guidance helps leads convert themselves into purchase-ready customers.
Product recommendation

Gain customer trust from the first moment with digital KYC.

Become your customer’s trusted advisor by knowing their unique protection needs right at the start. Turn digital KYC insight into sound advice to help customers better protect themselves and their family’s future with the right plans.
Purchase decision

Close deals faster with pre-underwriting.

Save time navigating a targeted list of AI-recommended products based on the customer’s health score. Offer instant coverage without an exam to customers with qualified health scores.



increase in insurance sales conversion through the Lydia-powered app
The [Lydia AI] health score has improved the customer buying experience and optimized sales efficiency. By helping customers understand their health status, agents can recommend the most suitable products based on their personal protection needs.
Taiwan Life


Average Net Promoter Score (NPS) from agents using Lydia’s consumer app in the pre-sales journey

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