Power diligent underwriting decisions with speed & reliability.

Bring AI-augmented clarity and granularity
into your risk assessment process.

Turning new data sources into reliable AI-driven reference markers

Open & consent
data sources

Data Sources

Risk models
for underwriters

Augmenting the underwriting practice

Unlock actuarially validated predictive insights from new data

Provide a smart and simple pre-purchase experience. Help customers easily and quickly understand the big picture of their health risks and related expenses.

Increase underwriting approval rates without raising risk

Stratify risks with more granularity in order to identify more low-risk customers across groups.

Save time in decision-making with the aid of machine learning

Have artificial intelligence automate standard decisions with reliability, and augment high-level analysis for more complex decisions with greater predictive insights.


decision alignment between Lydia AI and human underwriters
Using machine learning models to accelerate underwriting decisions is a major trend; however, there has not been an established industry best-standard practice for how to validate its use in underwriting. [Lydia and Taiwan Life] worked together to develop a methodology to translate machine learning predictive output results into data-driven reference markers that are compatible with use by actuaries and underwriters.
Max Ang
Max Ang
Celent APAC Insurance Technology Research Leader


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