Be well-prepared
with WellAged

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What can you do with WellAged?

Feature 1

Get a dashboard view of
AI-based health assessment

Feature 2
Connect to various health data and run
personalized analysis
Feature 3
Understand potential out-of-pocket medical expenses

Introducing the AI Health Score

AI Health Score

The AI Health Score is a health data-driven scoring system that provides a predictive risk assessment without disclosing the original health data.

The predictive AI model powering this scoring system is trained on a vast dataset of over 33 million individuals in Asia. It has also been peer-reviewed and published in esteemed international medical journals.

Through seamless integration with insurance workflows, the AI Health Score could help you get insurance product recommendations and greatly enhance your digital insurance purchasing journey.

About Lydia AI

Lydia AI is a Canadian applied artificial intelligence (AI) company on a mission to improve the health and prosperity of the next billion people.

Backed by a fund size of $14M USD, Lydia AI is headquartered in Toronto and actively operates across Asia, including Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan.

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